Clarity on the word "Deliverance" is needed first.

Before you begin your journey of freedom from whatever this world has thrown your way, a little clarity needs to be done with what the world wants you to think of when you hear the word "deliverance". There are a lot of groups/organizations out there that have overly used the term "deliverance" with demonic possession of ones soul and body, claiming that character defects like anger, depression, any addiction at all like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, pornography is because some demonic spirit has to be removed from you in order for you to be set free. This has led them to proclaim and tell the world, that the only way to true freedom is to cast them out performing exorcisms on you! Don't be alarmed as this is not always the case. In some instances there may be a demonic spirit that has attached themselves to people, but the majority of the time I have found that these character defects are because of something more than just the symptom we see with our eyes or hear with our ears.  (For Jesus Christ believers demonic spirits can only oppress them, this means that they can only attach themselves to them, but non Jesus Christ believers can have demonic spirits possess them as they do not belong to Christ which means they take up residence within the person. Jesus Christ and demonic spirits cannot live together within the same spirit and soul body). I will be teaching on this in one of the lessons under"Steps to Freedom" in the future.

As an example of what I mentioned earlier about symptoms we see with our eyes and ears, I was at one time a very angry man for the majority of my life. I was also addicted to pornography and sexual addiction. These character defects were just symptoms of a bigger issue I had, the issue was that I was sexually abused before and during my early teens, and that I kept this a secret because of shame and guilt because I felt maybe it was my fault for what had happened. This is exactly what satan wants us to believe, as the issue is kept in the dark, instead of being brought out into the light where the healing process through Jesus Christ can begin. I want to share something with you while we are on the subject of child sexual abuse, what a counselor said to my wife and I during one of our sessions for these very issues, it is "That the actions of an adult are never the fault of a child". See I never told anyone what had happened to me until later in life when I heard that truth! Please don't let satan continue to have dominion over your life. Find someone you trust and are comfortable enough to share what had happened to you. You should not live as the victim any longer. In 1 Peter 5:8 it says "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil (satan) walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.".

I hope you have been intrigued enough with the truth to check out what our purpose and mission is under the "About Us" pull down at the top of the screen and to also come back later and see what true Freedom and Deliverance through Jesus Christ is all about!

Thank you for reading this much so far. We are excited that you are choosing to start your new journey in life to delivered freedom and peace! In your journey through Freedom Reigns Ministry, I am by no means pushing religion on you, but I will tell you that real true freedom can only come from your Creators Son Jesus Christ that offers a restored relationship with you and God and not by any means of man made religious ways.